1. Sleep is the need of life. Sleep is absolutely necessary and indispensable for everyone. Although sleep is so important for everyone, different people have different attitudes towards sleep. Generally, women need more sleep time than men.
  2. Sleep is the nutrient of human growth, sleep is a periodic physiological phenomenon, is an important aspect of human life activities, sleep and sports diet, is to ensure the growth and development of the body’s nutritional elements, without adequate sleep, the body’s energy storage, brain rest, brain function protection, the body’s immunity, and disease resistance will be damaged.
  3. sleep can prevent cancer. Some studies have found that the incidence rate of cancer is rising linearly. The study found that cell division occurs mostly in the process of sleep. Once the sleep pattern is disturbed, the body may find some cancerous lesions under the adverse external factors.
  4. Sleep is the foundation of health. Like many creatures in nature, human beings follow the natural law of working at sunrise and resting at sunset, so that our body can recover after rest to ensure the next day’s activities. If sleep disorder occurs at night, people’s natural rhythm will be disturbed, and people’s balance will be disturbed, resulting in a variety of physiological discomfort and even disease.
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