1、 Supplement nutrients

a. Vitamin B group: vitamin B group is very important for the operation of the nervous system. Injection of vitamin B can improve brain function, relieve anxiety and protect immune system. Vitamin B group and pantothenic acid (vitamin B6) 100 mg per day

b. Calcium and magnesium: 2000 and 1000 mg per day. Take clamp or calcium lactate. If allergic to milk, do not use calcium lactate.

c. L-tyramine: 1000 mg per day (500 mg during the day and before going to bed, on an empty stomach). And 50 mg vitamin B6 and 500 mg vitamin C shared to facilitate absorption. It can relieve tension and help sleep.

d. Vitamin C contains bioflavonoids: 3000-10000 mg per day. Tension consumes adrenal hormones. Vitamin C is essential for adrenal function.

e. Comprehensive vitamins and minerals (including vitamin A and potassium): 25000iu and 99mg per day. It’s necessary when you’re in a stressful situation. Potassium is needed for adrenal function. You can also take 5 kelp tablets a day, which contains balanced vitamins and minerals.

2、 Diet should be avoided

The diet of patients with anxiety disorder is very important. Avoid cola, fried food, junk food, sugar, white wheat flour products, potato chips and other foods that are easy to stimulate the body. The diet needs 50% – 75% lettuce. Do not eat dairy products for three weeks, then add them to the diet one after another, and observe if there are any discomfort symptoms.

3、 Avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs may provide temporary relief, but the next day tension comes again, and these substances themselves are harmful to health. Therefore, we should learn how to adjust rather than just escape. In the face of physical and mental stress and anxiety persecution, it is very important to eat properly. In addition to avoid caffeine and alcohol, also need to stay away from sugar, white flour products, bacon, spicy spices and so on. Don’t eat junk food! Correct diet will strengthen the body and make the immune system and nervous system in good condition.

4、 Diet therapy for anxiety disorder

(1) Roasted lamb heart with rose

a. Raw materials: 50g fresh rose (or 5g dry product), 50g sheep heart, appropriate amount of refined salt.

b. Production method: put the fresh roses into a small aluminum pot, add refined salt and water, decoct for 10 minutes, and then set aside. Wash the sheep heart, cut it into pieces, put it on the baking stick, dip it in Rose salt water while baking, bake it repeatedly on the open fire and cook it. It can be roasted and eaten at the same time.

c. Efficacy: tonifying the heart and calming the nerves. It is suitable for palpitation, insomnia and depression caused by heart blood deficiency.

(2) Jujube porridge

a. Ingredients: 30g Zaoren, 30g-60g wheat, 100g japonica rice and 6 jujubes.

b. Production method: wash jujube kernel, wheat and jujube, add water to boil for 10 minutes, take juice to remove residue, add japonica rice and cook into porridge. 2-3 times a day, warm food.

c. Efficacy: nourishing heart and calming mind. It is suitable for women with irritability, restlessness, trance, yawning, crying, palpitation, insomnia and self perspiration.

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