Schizophrenia appears in the early stage, may not have too obvious symptoms, but has been deviated from the normal people, and the early timely control of this disease, for the treatment of help is very big, so we must do a good understanding.

What are the manifestations of schizophrenia?

Neurasthenia. Patients always have insomnia, headache, attention loss, weakness and other symptoms, but there is no pain feeling, so patients often do not take the initiative to seek medical treatment.

The mood is abnormal and laughs without reason. The patient lost his previous enthusiasm for his family. To all things show cold, indifferent, a little bit of small things can let the patient angry.

The mind breaks down. The patient’s thoughts are completely without the center of gravity, without adjustment, and the mind is in the top three. Talking to people doesn’t understand the focus of the patient’s words at all.

Delusion. The more common is the illusion. Patients often hear people order themselves, if someone let them open the window to jump out, patients will do the symptoms.

Will is diminished. There is no way to go on with work and study, and wait.

Personality changes. The gentle people suddenly become unreasonable, and the normal conversation of others means talking about themselves.

What are the factors of schizophrenia?

Psychostimulation: the production of schizophrenia has a certain relationship with the life of mental stimulation. Under the influence of stimulus events, its factors can be expressed, which makes the patients appear schizophrenia.

Physical factors: the cause of schizophrenia is closely related to constitution and nerve type. Schizophrenia is often found in introverted, weak and unbalanced or weak + artistic, or slender, which is called schizophrenic temperament.

Environmental factors: some of the environmental factors that usually occur early in life seem to increase the risk of mental illness. The causes of schizophrenia include severe malnutrition in the mother, virus infection during pregnancy and brain injury during perinatal period.

Physiological reasons: dopamine hypothesis is the most widely accepted hypothesis of schizophrenia. The effect of antipsychotics on dopamine (DA) neurotransmitters improves the mental symptoms to support this hypothesis.

Treatment of schizophrenia?

First, schizophrenics patients will need a large number of drugs to treat the disease of patients. The main treatment of mental illness, always maintain the amount of medication treatment is the most effective prevention measures against recurrent attacks: data show that most of the recurrent episodes of schizophrenia are related to self stopping drugs, patients and families should attach great importance to maintenance treatment.

Secondly, when the schizophrenia patients have symptoms, they must deal with it in the first time. The repeated onset of schizophrenia has a precursor. As long as it is discovered in the first time, the first time to regulate drugs and dosage can generally prevent repeated attacks.

Thirdly, after the symptoms of schizophrenia patients appear, they should treat some symptoms correctly, such as the main treatment methods of mental illness. Family members and people around them should fully recognize the weakness of the mental state of schizophrenic patients after illness, and help arrange daily life, work and study. Often talk with patients, help patients treat diseases correctly, treat real life correctly, help patients strengthen their psychological endurance, learn how to deal with stress events, encourage patients to enhance their confidence, guide patients to enrich their lives, and make them live in an environment without psychological pressure and mental disturbance.

Finally, in the process of treatment, schizophrenia patients must insist on reexamination, and must go to the outpatient clinic to review regularly, so that doctors can continuously and dynamically understand the condition, so that patients are often under the medical supervision of doctors, and adjust the dosage according to the changes of the condition for the first time. Through the review, the right person can be asked and mental treatment can be relieved of all kinds of confusion in life, work and drug treatment, which plays an important role in preventing the recurrence of schizophrenia.

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