1. Extremely excited

Often schizophrenia patients tend to have disorderly speech, logic thinking disorder or even lack of purpose behavior, and usually patients will appear self injury or personal destruction.

Therefore, for the family members, we should pay attention to the mental state and daily behavior of the patients. Because the patients’ excitement and agitation is continuous, the family should be prepared to prevent such a situation.

  1. Depression

This is also a common schizophrenia harm, patients in different periods of mood may appear different, some people even continue to feel low, even have the world weary mood.

Especially remind the family members of patients who want to commit suicide without success, and be careful that they will behave again during the recovery period of the disease.

After the mental symptoms were eliminated, the patients had to choose to take a light life because of their heavy ideological burden on their own diseases, and they could not correctly treat the practical problems such as college entrance, employment, marriage and so on.

  1. Drug-derived anxiety

Psychopaths often take some antipsychotic drugs in their lives, but these drugs can easily have certain side effects on the human body, which will lead to patients’ inexplicable anxiety, panic, fear, sweating, etc. these manifestations are mostly paroxysmal, most of which occur from afternoon to evening, and some patients will show the above-mentioned manifestations within 2 to 3 days after long-term acupuncture.

This regularity of time helps family members to judge whether the anxiety of patients is caused by drugs. Patients eager to get rid of this intense pain, will appear impulsive injury or self injury, these behaviors are only for venting and relief, not to die as the ultimate purpose.

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