1. Don’t eat junk food

All junk food has the same characteristics: high oil, high salt and heavy taste. If you eat too much junk food, the nutritional balance of the body is easy to collapse. If you eat too much junk food rich in food additives, it is easy to cause the death of intestinal bacteria, and then lead to the decline of human immunity. If you want to live a long and healthy life, it is necessary to stay away from junk food.

  1. Don’t pick parts when eating

When many people choose food materials, in order to get a good taste, they prefer pure white rice to brown rice. They only eat the stems and leaves of vegetables and choose less parts such as skin or root. In fact, this practice often makes people lose a lot of precious nutrients and can’t achieve the goal of longevity by obtaining enough nutrients. Because people think that leftovers are rich in nutrients, such as dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, we should not give up these nutrients in our daily diet, and make full use of the ingredients is the best.

  1. Eat more seasonal food

The basic principle of longevity diet is to choose the most natural and seasonal food. In summer, choosing cucumber and tomato in season can get the health preserving effect of clearing fire and replenishing water. In winter, choosing burdock and radish can get the health preserving effect of warming up and strengthening body Seasonal ingredients can bring the most intimate and suitable care to the body. What’s more, choosing seasonable food can make people eat fresher food and get more nutrients. Why not?

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