Fruit is rich in nutrition, can supplement energy for human body, improve body immunity, but also slimming. But not all fruits can lose weight. Which fruits can lose weight?


Apple is the king of weight loss, weight loss effect Xiaobian will not repeat. Apple weight loss and satiety, so some people use apple instead of dinner, respected Apple weight loss method, eat apple for three days. This kind of weight loss method has obvious effect, but it is easy to rebound. Xiaobian does not recommend it. Xiaobian thinks that weight loss should be based on health and safety.


You heard me right. Watermelon can lose weight. The water content of watermelon is not comparable to that of ordinary fruit. More than 94% of watermelon is water, which can help eliminate the excess water in the body, maintain the normal operation of kidney function, promote diuresis, help digestion and eliminate edema, and achieve good weight loss effect. However, the sugar content of watermelon is high, and it is not easy to make dinner. Want to lose weight by eating watermelon sister, eat watermelon don’t stop mouth, also don’t eat watermelon at night.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, slimming and beauty. And it is rich in fiber, which can prevent constipation. The key point is that kiwifruit is a fruit that can be found all year round.


Lemon can be said to be the weight loss fruit known by people on earth. Lemon can dissolve excess fat, remove waste and toxins from various organs of the body, purify blood, improve blood quality, promote metabolism, and have two major effects of beauty and weight loss.


Hawthorn contains citric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, sugar and protein, carbohydrates, etc., which can lower blood pressure and promote gastrointestinal digestion. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Hawthorn can invigorate the spleen and eliminate accumulation, which is beneficial to weight loss and can assist in the treatment of secondary obesity. In addition, hawthorn is rich in dietary fiber and pectin. Dietary fiber is the “scavenger” of intestinal tract, which can promote the peristalsis of intestinal tract and the secretion of digestive gland, which is conducive to food digestion and waste excretion.

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