Ingredients list gives us a clear understanding of the nature of food

According to the regulations of our country, all substances (including additives) in food should be included in the ingredients list. These substances should be arranged in the decreasing order of quantity. When the amount of the added amount is less than 2%, it can not be arranged in the descending order.

That is, we need to know what the main ingredients in this food are, and look at the ingredients list. It is the first in the ingredients list, and it has the most in this food.

Nutrition labels help us to balance the macro nutrients

According to the general rules for nutrition labeling of prepackaged foods (which can be found online), the nutrition label must include energy, the content of core nutrients and their percentage of the nutrient reference value (NRV). When the ingredients list contains hydrogenated and / or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, the content of trans fats (acids) is also required to be indicated in the nutrition label.

This means that we can at least get the following information from the food label:

The food contains energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, sodium, trans fatty acid content and NRV percentage.

How many calories do you need to take as an adult in a day to be healthy?

The energy needs of the light physical activists in adults (18-49 years old) in China are 2250 for men and 1800 for females.

If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake on this basis. It is suggested that energy intake per day can reduce 300-500 calories.

If you’ve started controlling calories, but you want to lose weight faster, you can help burn more calories by taking extra exercise.

Daily heat control skills

  1. control food quantity

Each meal is full only for seven or eight points, slow down the speed of eating, eat one bite, chew more for a while, then swallow it, and stop eating when it is available or not. Concentrate on eating, careful chewing, can naturally control food heat. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to reducing the intake of fat rich staple foods, such as bread, biscuits, oil strips, instant noodles, snacks, etc.

  1. reduce the intake of cooking oil

Avoid any fried or over oil food by using less oil during cooking. Reduce the number of meals in the hotel. If it is unavoidable, do not eat more, or even fried dishes. Try to order some light and low-fat dishes, such as white burning, steamed, cold mix and other ways, and choose more green leaf vegetables.

  1. pay attention to recessive fat

What is recessive fat? It is what we usually ignore, and we don’t care about. For example, many snacks, such as: chips, chips, snacks, puffed foods, yolk pie, biscuits, nuts, noodles soup, ice cream, coffee partners, etc., all contain a lot of fat, and many of them contain trans fatty acids.

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