Why can yoghurt lose weight

Yogurt weight loss method, it is because yogurt can make our intestines unobstructed, and then remove the accumulation of garbage in the intestines, in addition, it can also regulate the intestinal bacteria, increase probiotics, promote your digestion and absorption. Yogurt is a drink with high nutritional value in dairy products. Although this kind of yoghurt weight loss method can provide sufficient calcium to help obese people reduce weight, it will not affect the body composition of muscles and viscera other than fat, so it has no adverse effect on people with normal or low weight. If you drink two extra cups of yogurt between meals and in the evening, it can also help people with low weight to improve the body’s nutritional absorption function, so that they can gain weight.

What should be paid attention to when drinking yoghurt to lose weight

  1. Try to drink yogurt without too many additives

When choosing yoghurt food, we should pay attention not to drink yoghurt that contains a lot of emulsifiers and thickeners as far as possible. Although these ingredients are allowed to be added to food, they will stimulate the body to secrete more insulin and make people have a strong sense of hunger.

  1. You can use yogurt instead of meals, but don’t drink too much yogurt after meals

Lactose, milk calcium and protein in yogurt can provide a sense of satiety, so low sugar yogurt can be used to replace meals during the period of fat reduction, but drinking yogurt after eating normally can not play the role of weight loss, and the fat in yogurt may also cause daily calorie intake to exceed the plan. The so-called yogurt can lose weight is actually just probiotics in yogurt and some organic acids help to break down part of the protein, so that people feel fresh stomach.

  1. Not all sour milk is yogurt

You’re likely to buy yogurt back home, which isn’t yogurt. In fact, yogurt is made from milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria. In essence, it belongs to milk. But yogurt beverage is just a kind of beverage with acid additives. It’s just a kind of beverage, not milk. The biggest difference between the two is that there is a great difference in the content of nutrients.

  1. Choose yogurt according to your physical condition

There are many sugar free yoghurt on the market, which can be considered as a substitute for meals when reducing fat, but some people are not suitable for drinking sugar free yoghurt, such as people with weak digestive function. This is because sugar free yoghurt contains a lot of sugar substitutes such as xylitol, which will affect the digestive function and cause intestinal flatulence or diarrhea. Therefore, in addition to heat control, when choosing yoghurt Besides, we should also buy according to our own health.

Recommended yogurt diet

Yogurt fruit cereal

Ingredients: half apple, 50g strawberry, 50g pitaya, 30g kiwifruit, 100g natural whole wheat breakfast cereal, 200g yogurt


1) Wash apples and strawberries and cut into small pieces. Peel pitaya and kiwifruit and cut into small pieces.

2) Mix the yogurt and cereal well, then add the fruit.

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