1. Keep peace of mind: if you have insomnia, don’t worry too much. The more you think, the more difficult it is to fall asleep. Some people have insomnia for several days in a row. They feel that if it goes on like this, they will die suddenly sooner or later. They become more and more worried and have a vicious circle, leading to more serious insomnia.
  2. Find out the cause of insomnia and solve it: there are many reasons for insomnia. As long as you find the cause and solve it in time, insomnia will disappear automatically. If it is because of illness and insomnia, then we must quickly cure the disease. Some people think that insomnia is very common, and there is no need to treat it at all, but they don’t know that delay leads to more and more serious illness.
  3. Relax: after dinner, you can walk outside to relax your mind. Taking a bath before going to bed or taking a hot bath can greatly improve the quality of sleep. This is one of the ways to induce people to sleep quickly.
  4. Sleep induction: listen to the pure music with slow rhythm, such as cricket calls, pattering rain and so on. These pure music can effectively improve the quality of sleep, and also form the conditioned reflex to induce sleep.
  5. Drink a cup of hot milk: drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed. Relevant experiments have found that drinking hot milk will secrete more insulin, increase the amount of amino acid reaching the brain cells, and thus produce more serotonin conducive to sleep. In addition, there is a substance in milk, which has the effect of calming the nerves, and can make people sleep more stable.
  6. Comfortable sleeping position: when sleeping, you can get comfortable in any position. However, the relevant medical records, the left side of sleep is to bend the left leg and left hand, head pillow on the arm, straighten the right leg, right hand on the side of the body, the right side of sleep is another direction. This sleeping position can make the body and mind in a relaxed state, sleep faster.

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