mouth cancer

Oral cancer is a kind of malignant tumor in the oral cavity. After oral cancer occurs, it can cause pain in the affected area and affect eating. Sometimes its symptoms are not very obvious in the early stage and are often ignored by patients. Therefore, we can understand some early symptoms of oral cancer. When there are three kinds of oral symptoms, we should be alert to oral cancer. Let’s take a look at the three symptoms.

  1. Color change of oral mucosa: under normal circumstances, the oral mucosa is pink. If the mucosa turns white, or abnormal brown or even black, it indicates that there is a lesion, which should be paid attention to. Especially when the oral mucosa becomes rough, thickened or indurated with leukoplakia and erythema, it is likely to be an early lesion of oral cancer.
  2. Lip or oral cavity mass: in the early stage of oral cancer, sometimes it is only a local small mass, there is no pain, but there will be a sense of friction in the local area. When the tumor is broken, there will be obvious pain, sometimes it can spread to the ear and throat.
  3. Ulcer does not heal: oral ulcer is a very common disease, it is not the same disease as oral cancer, but if oral ulcer is not long, then we should pay attention to it. Generally, oral ulcer will not last more than two weeks. If the symptoms of burning and pain at the ulcer are not improved after more than two weeks, we should be alert to the possibility of oral cancer. Generally, oral cancer is presented as ulceration, with protruding edges around the ulcers and uneven center, covered by necrotic tissue and obvious pain. In the early stage, there is no pain or local abnormal friction feeling, and the pain is obvious after ulceration. As the tumor further invades the nerve and surrounding tissues, it can lead to ear, throat or toothache.

The above is about some symptoms of early oral cancer, in addition to the above three symptoms, some oral cancer will also appear in the neck mass, if the disease further develops, it can also lead to dysfunction, open and close mouth affected, so the harm of oral cancer is very big. Once the early symptoms of oral cancer appear, it is necessary to see a doctor in time for examination and diagnosis, so as to treat in time and strive for a good prognosis.

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