Symptoms of gastric cancer

The stomach is an important organ of the human body, plays the role of digestion, but due to people’s unhealthy diet, irregular work and rest, so that the gastrointestinal can not get a better rest, there is a stomach disease, serious gastric cancer. If people don’t want to get gastric cancer, they should prevent it in daily life, keep away from the factors that induce gastric cancer, and protect the health of the stomach.

Gastric cancer is indeed a panic disease, so when people’s body what abnormal changes, is the early phenomenon of gastric cancer, need to be vigilant?

  1. Abnormal pain

People’s stomach pain is likely to be eating bad food, but if the pain is abnormal, the degree of pain is serious, and lasts for a long time, even after taking medicine, it is not relieved. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital to check whether there is a problem in the stomach.

  1. Black stool

After taking some drugs or some foods, people are prone to black stool. However, if we exclude the influence of this factor, we need to go to the hospital in time for relevant examination when there is unexplained black stool. Especially when there is bleeding during defecation, it may be gastric cancer.

  1. Loss of appetite

General gastric cancer patients will appear belching, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, etc., when people are not willing to eat food for no reason, or even eat some food, dyspepsia will appear, we must pay attention to, timely inspection, early detection and early treatment, to avoid the deterioration of the stomach.

  1. Abdominal mass

Mild gastric ulcer will not appear obvious mass, but due to the gradual aggravation of the disease, especially after the canceration, people will feel hard mass in the heart socket, and will have a sense of pain. The larger the mass is, the more obvious the corresponding symptoms will be.

  1. Unexplained emaciated anemia

Becoming thin has always been the wish of many people, but suddenly losing weight needs to be paid attention to. If people lose weight in a short time, feel tired all over, and are accompanied by anemia, they must be vigilant. It is best to have a comprehensive examination of the stomach, check whether there is any disease, and treat it in time.

The above five abnormal changes in the body, are to provide people with warning signals, warning everyone that there has been a problem in the stomach, need to be vigilant, timely to the hospital for examination and treatment, no problem is best, once there is a problem to timely “strangle”, to avoid the deterioration of the disease.

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