Carcinoma of esophagus

Early symptoms of esophageal cancer

  1. Choking when swallowing food

In the early stage of esophageal cancer, when you eat, you will find that it is difficult to swallow food, so you should be alert at this time. Because the lesions are often manifested as local small-scale esophageal mucosal congestion, swelling, erosion, superficial ulcer and small plaque lesions, when food passes through, there will be swallowing discomfort or dysphagia. If the disease further develops, there will be choking feeling, mostly because of swallowing similar pancakes, dry molds or other food that is not easy to thoroughly chew.

  1. Foreign body sensation in esophagus

After the patient grazes the esophagus with coarse food once, he or she will feel something similar, such as grains of rice or pieces of vegetables attached to the esophagus, unable to swallow, that is, no pain has nothing to do with eating. Even if he or she does not swallow, he or she will still feel the presence of foreign bodies. The location of foreign body sensation was consistent with the location of esophageal cancer.

  1. Food passes slowly and has a sense of staying

And patients can feel the food stop in the esophagus when they eat, so they should pay attention when they don’t go down. This is because the mouth tube of the esophagus becomes smaller, so this kind of situation occurs.

  1. Dryness and urgency in throat

Often feel the food is not smooth, and a slight pain, a little dry, tight feeling. Especially when swallowing dry or coarse food, the feeling of dryness and tightness is more obvious. In addition, the occurrence of such early symptoms is related to emotional fluctuations.

  1. There is a feeling of tightness and distension behind the sternum

Experts said that they can only vaguely feel chest discomfort, neither can they point out the parts of discomfort, nor can they describe the specific situation of discomfort.

  1. Retrosternal pain

This kind of expression is more common in patients with early esophageal cancer. Often in swallowing food, there is a slight pain behind the sternum, and can feel the pain of the site. The nature of pain can be burning pain, acupuncture pain, traction and friction pain.

The degree of pain is related to the nature of food. When swallowing rough, hot or irritating food, the pain is more severe; when swallowing liquid, warm food, the pain is less. The pain of swallowing food was relieved or even disappeared after eating. Most of these symptoms can be treated with drugs, which can be relieved temporarily. But after a few days or months, the disease will recur and recur for a long time.

  1. Xiphoid pain

The self feeling of burning pain under xiphoid process was different in severity, which mostly appeared in the hypopharyngeal food, and then decreased or disappeared after eating. There are also persistent dull pain, which has little to do with eating.

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