Prevention of esophageal cancer
  1. Protection of esophagus

The esophagus is the organ through which all food passes. The food in the esophagus forms a mass and enters the stomach in order for digestion. Eat slowly. Saliva is excreted by three kinds of glands. After mixing with food, saliva can promote digestion, hydrolyze starch or maltose, dilute and dissolve food, enhance taste, smooth food with mucin, facilitate swallowing, neutralize toxic substances and sterilize. Starvation can damage the esophagus. Don’t eat overheated, hard and irritating food. Otherwise, oral, esophageal and gastric mucosa will be damaged. Irritant food also includes strong tea, strong coffee, liquor and so on. Pay attention to oral hygiene. Any oral lesions are adverse to digestion, if there is an infection, it will spread to the esophagus.

  1. Refuse carcinogenic food

The relationship between nitrosamines and esophageal cancer is close. Mold can enhance the carcinogenic effect of nitrosamines. We should fast overnight vegetables, rotten fruits, moldy grain, salted fish, bacon and pickles on the market, and fried, fried and roasted food. We should pay attention to the source of drinking water and prevent the tap water from being polluted, otherwise it will cause cancer. No smoking. Smoking causes a wide range of cancer, which can lead to digestive, respiratory and urinary cancers. No drinking. A lot of drinking for a long time can not help but eat carcinogens. Some wine contains nitrosamine, aflatoxin and other carcinogens, as well as aldehyde alcohol and other direct carcinogens.

  1. The nutrition is reasonable

Epidemiological investigation shows that malnutrition is associated with esophageal cancer. Lack of protein can lead to hyperplasia of esophageal mucosa, simple malignant transformation; lack of fat can hinder the absorption of essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins, affect health and reduce immune function. To eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, the former can not replace the latter, because cooking often damage a lot of vitamins and trace elements. We should start drinking tea. Green tea can prevent cancer and is good for cardiovascular disease. But it is not recommended to drink, the best is to “taste”, to a few repeatedly useful drink in the body. When pregnant, breast-feeding, fever, bleeding and suffering from gastrointestinal disease, they should not drink with caution.

  1. Drug prevention

Patients with esophageal cancer often lack iron, molybdenum, zinc, manganese, selenium and other trace elements and vitamins A, B2, C; aspirin can prevent this disease, so high-risk groups can supplement relevant trace elements, vitamins and drugs to prevent it under the guidance of doctors.

  1. Active treatment of esophageal diseases

Patients with esophagitis, leukoplakia, polyps, diverticulum, achalasia of cardia, etc., due to histological changes, functional variation, local stimulation, simple deterioration, constitute cancer. We must be close to observation, active treatment and adopt useful methods to prevent.

Conclusion: the above is to introduce the early symptoms of esophageal cancer, at the same time, we also share with you what causes esophageal cancer. In this article, I also want you to talk about how to prevent esophageal cancer several methods, I hope you can pay attention to your diet health, develop good living habits, stay away from the disease of esophageal cancer and keep healthy after reading our introduction.

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