mammary cancer

What are the early symptoms of breast cancer?

  1. Breast mass

An early symptom of breast cancer is that the breast has lumps that cause local breast swelling and that the bulge of the skin differs from other skin. Many women will ignore this symptom, think breast mass is because of breast hyperplasia, so also missed the treatment opportunity. When you know that this symptom may be breast cancer, you should pay attention to self-examination, touch your breast from time to time, and go to the hospital for a timely examination if there is a lump.

  1. A pit in the skin in the breast

The normal breast should be round and full, the skin is very smooth, will not appear concave situation. But if it is breast cancer, because the tumor infiltrates the ligament, it will cause the breast skin to appear depression. But the breast skin appears depression is not necessarily breast cancer, also may be the chronic inflammation of breast, or should go to the hospital to check, can be diagnosed.

  1. Abnormal skin of breast

After breast cancer, breast skin in addition to depression, skin will also appear some abnormalities, such as orange skin changes are typical. This symptom is also obvious, but also the breast change that people can master. If we know that this is a symptom of breast cancer, we can go to the hospital in time to check it. Early treatment is the best choice for cancer.

  1. Abnormal papilla and areola

When breast cancer is attacked, if there is a tumor under the nipple, it will lead to the pulling of bone, leading to the depression of the nipple, and will also make the nipple not in the center of the position gradually slanted. In addition, some women will also have nipple areola ulceration, very painful, sometimes overflow. There are also some women who have scabs or wounds that are not good enough. These are abnormal cases of nipple and areola, which women should pay attention to, which also proves the importance of self-examination and correct response in time.

The incidence rate of breast cancer is not low, so women should not be lucky enough to think that they will not be found by breast cancer. There are high incidence of breast cancer, and these people are more likely to have breast cancer. Whether in high incidence population or not, we should know breast cancer well, especially early symptoms, so it is important to find early treatment.

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