cervical carcinoma
  1. Vaginal bleeding

In the early stage of cervical cancer, it is characterized by contact bleeding. In the middle and late stage, it may turn into irregular vaginal bleeding. If it invades large blood vessels, it will also cause massive bleeding.

Young patients with cervical cancer, the general performance of the menstrual period and the increase in menstrual volume. The elderly patients with cervical cancer show irregular vaginal bleeding after menopause.

  1. Vaginal fluid

The majority of cervical cancer patients will appear vaginal discharge, liquid performance for white or blood color, or thin as water, or like rice hogwash, or have a fishy smell.

  1. Other symptoms

According to the location and extent of the lesion, there may be frequent urination, urgency, constipation, swelling and pain of both lower limbs. In the late stage, anemia, cachexia and other symptoms of systemic failure may even appear.

Although cervical cancer is a serious gynecological disease, but do not panic too much, because cervical cancer can be treated and prevented. As long as they are found in time, they can be questioned very well. The key of prevention and treatment lies in regular gynecological examination, timely detection and treatment of cervical precancerous lesions, and termination of its development to cervical cancer. If preventive measures can be implemented, the cure rate of cervical cancer is very high.

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