Prevention of virus: to prevent virus invasion is one of the methods to prevent lymphoma. We can establish a defense line in the body by taking measures such as vaccination in hospitals (such as hepatitis vaccine) to promote sleep and work on the playground.

Reasonable diet: lymphoma can not form in the weak alkaline human body, adjust the balance of acid and alkali in body fluid, which is an effective way to prevent lymphocancer. Therefore, we should quit smoking nine in daily life, often eat alkaline green organic food to prevent acid accumulation in the body, so it is necessary to make diet reasonable in daily to prevent lymphoma patients.

Relieve stress: excessive mental and psychological pressure is one of the important factors that induce cancer. Too much pressure or high mental tension can cause endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders and immune function decline. Therefore, it is important to keep a good mentality to cope with stress, release pressure and understand the combination of work and rest.

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