1. keep your normal mind and go to sleep

People who have insomnia should not worry too much. The method of closing eyes into silence can effectively improve insomnia. This method is to close the eyes after bed, then slightly open the eyes to maintain some contact with the outside world. Of course, mental activities are still in operation. However, the tension of sympathetic nerve activity has been greatly reduced, which leads the human body to enter into the sleep blur state.

  1. use light music to promote sleep

Music is particularly important to people, which can relieve pressure, cultivate mood, and improve sleep, mainly listening to some music and noise from electric fans. Compared with other classical music, music has the most effective treatment of insomnia. It can make blood pressure and pulse normal, reduce nervous tension. But if you’re not a music fan of his, you can listen to other soothing instruments before you go to bed. If none of this works, turn on the fan and the monotonous buzz will make you sleepy.

  1. some foods can improve insomnia

Collagen in pig hoof is rich and many amino acids. These amino acids can not only participate in the synthesis of collagen in human body, but also a central nervous inhibitory transmitter in brain cells, which can produce calming effect on central nervous system, and improve anxiety state, neurasthenia and insomnia. Lettuce not only has the function of clearing heat, removing phlegm, diuresis and milk, but also has the calming and calming effect, which is most suitable for insomnia caused by neurasthenia. Tea with acid jujube: before 8:00 every morning, take 15g green tea and brew it with boiling water twice. Drink clothes, and then no longer drink tea after 8:00. Meanwhile, stir fry the jujube kernel into powder, and take 10g of it before sleeping every night, and take it for 3-5 days continuously, which will be effective. Tea can refresh the mind, and its bioactive substances can stimulate the advanced nerve center, make people energetic, active in mind and eliminate fatigue. Therefore, it can adjust the mental depression and drowsiness of insomnia during the day. Jujube kernel has the function of nourishing heart and calming mind and inhibiting the central nervous system, and has a good effect on promoting insomnia to enter sleep inhibition process at night.

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