1. Psychological factors

Nervousness, uneasiness and worry will make us lose sleep. This is also the most common type of insomnia at present. The vast majority of people lose sleep because of this reason. To put it simply, there is something in their heart. We need to let Wanyuan go. We need to know if the sky falls down, we still need to sleep the same way. If we can do this, we can’t sleep.

  1. Partner’s illness

A recent study found that when patients with arthritis suffer from more severe pain, their partners’ sleep quality also decreases, and the more intimate the relationship is, the more so the couples are. To solve this kind of insomnia, the first thing is to improve the patient’s discomfort. For example, people with back pain can hold a pillow between their knees to relieve the pain. In addition, anxiety can amplify the pain, so take a comfortable bath to relax before going to bed.

  1. Disease factors

Maybe because of surgery or other reasons, the loss of some organ function of the body will also bring insomnia. In addition to the above precautions, this situation may not be enough, and it needs to be treated by Buddhism. It can not only cure sleep, but also understand the truth of life. However, to learn the Dharma, we need to recognize the good and evil, because now is the end of the Dharma era, many similar dharmas will go the wrong way. It is recommended that you learn the southern and Han Buddhism, and others need to be careful.

  1. Drug dependence

Take sleeping pills for a long time, leading to drug dependence, such a situation in accordance with the above matters, after a period of time will naturally recover, do not worry too much.

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