1. Take sedative food

Poor sleep quality can be improved by adjusting the diet before sleep. Choosing the right food for nutrition will improve the sleep quality. Many people often suffer from insomnia and dreaminess due to abnormal nerve function. If there is neurasthenia, they can choose the food to calm the nerves and help sleep to regulate the body.

For example, the familiar longan, honey and millet all have this effect. If you eat some food to calm the nerves and help sleep before going to bed, the body will be regulated and the brain nerve function will be stable after getting enough amino acids. You will find that the sleep quality will be improved, which is an effective way to alleviate insomnia.

  1. Keep a good sleeping environment

If you want to improve insomnia, you may as well adjust the sleeping environment. If you fall asleep in a comfortable environment, you will find that the quality of sleep has improved a lot. Many people don’t fall asleep in the right environment, there are noisy sounds or bright light around, the pillow height is not suitable, and the indoor temperature is too high.

The common influence of these factors will reduce the quality of sleep, want to sleep safely, sleep until dawn, need to be prepared in advance, so that the sleep environment to keep comfortable and good, sleep in this environment can also have high quality sleep.

  1. Exercise properly before going to bed

To improve the quality of sleep, you can take a proper walk before going to bed. In this way, you can increase the amount of activity. After the activity, the body feels tired and then goes to sleep. Sleepiness can also occur. Many people do not feel sleepy but barely fall asleep, also easy to insomnia performance. And before going to bed to go for a walk, walking, in addition to promoting lower limb blood circulation, provide more blood to the heart and brain and other important organs, can also produce fatigue.

  1. Soak your feet

There are many ways to improve insomnia, especially before going to bed appropriate foot bubble is also a feasible method. Nowadays, people who advocate health care all like to soak their feet. Soaking their feet can reap benefits. When the body adapts, soaking their feet will speed up the blood circulation of the lower limbs. People who are easy to get cold hands and feet can improve the cold hands and feet in this good way.

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