1. Garlic. Garlic is recognized as the best anti-cancer food, although many people usually feel that after eating garlic, it tastes big and will smell bad breath. But garlic has a strong anti-cancer component, especially for skin, lung and colon cancer.
  2. Citrus fruit. Some studies have found that some people who eat citrus fruits often have a half less chance of oral, gastric, and laryngeal cancer than others.
  3. Tomatoes. Lycopene is found in tomatoes, which have been shown to prevent prostate, lung, breast and gastric cancer. But if you want to absorb more lycopene, it is recommended to cook and eat it instead of raw. In addition to tomatoes, watermelon and almonds also contain this substance.
  4. Green vegetables. Most dark green vegetables have rich carotenoids in their leaves. Carotenoids can remove free radicals from our bodies, thus achieving cancer prevention.
  5. Sour plum. Sour plum is not only delicious, but also helps digestion. Prunus is also used to assist in the treatment of cervical cancer and other diseases. The fruit of Prunus may contains malic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, β – glutasterol, waxol, triterpene and other effective substances. Once scientists took mice as experiments, and found that these components in plum can enhance the immunity of mice, devour toxic substances and inhibit some tumors.
  6. Asparagus. Asparagus is known as “the king of vegetables” abroad, also known as the “asparagus”, which is a kind of high-grade nutritious vegetable. According to the relevant expert research, asparagus has the function of preventing the proliferation of cancer cells. Plant fiber and mineral selenium can prevent and cure many kinds of cancer, such as skin cancer, rectal cancer, etc.

So why can asparagus prevent cancer? It contains tissue protein and other nutrients that can normalize the cell growth. The VEC and cellulose in these nutrients can also enhance the intercellular mass, and play an auxiliary role in intestinal peristalsis, reduce the absorption of cholesterol in food by the gut, and help the carcinogens to be discharged out of the body.

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