Banana weight loss principle

Bananas are quite effective for weight loss because they are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. A banana (net weight about 100 grams) has only 87 calories, while a bowl of white rice (3 Liang white rice 220 calories) has lower calories. Banana is rich in dietary fiber, which can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis. You can’t miss such a good diet.

Banana for breakfast

There is no limit to the number of bananas. If you don’t want to eat bananas, you can use other fruits instead, one at a time. Before you want to eat anything else, eat bananas first, and then eat other foods 15-20 minutes apart.

Although the banana is rich in nutrition, the relative heat is not low, a banana has about 80 ~ 100 calories, nearly half a bowl of rice heat, pay attention to the total heat accumulation.

  1. If you eat bananas for breakfast, you should drink boiled water at normal temperature. You can drink it frequently without limit.

Boiled water can not only increase the sense of satiety, but also reduce weight with banana. Banana is rich in water-soluble fiber and pectin, which can promote defecation.

  1. Try to finish dinner before 6 o’clock and don’t eat after 8 o’clock. In addition, give up the habit of eating dessert after dinner.

Banana weight loss method can play a role, in addition to the banana itself, lifestyle changes should be a considerable contribution, do not eat after 8 o’clock, do not eat late at night can avoid eating before bedtime, heat can not be consumed into fat accumulation.

  1. Go to bed before 12 p.m

Staying up late can reduce the metabolic rate, which is also the cause of obesity and ineffective weight loss.

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