1. Distraction

There are many kinds of distraction activities, as long as it can attract the attention of patients, it can be applied to pain relief. Such as listening to music, watching TV, listening to radio, etc. But this method can only be used for mild pain, if the pain is severe, it will not work.

  1. Relaxation therapy

Relaxation therapy can relieve mental tension, stretch skeletal muscle, block and relieve pain, and trigger a variety of physiological and biochemical reactions in the body. For example, the oxygen consumption of the body decreases, the respiration and heartbeat rate slows down, the blood pressure drops, and the secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline decreases. Anxiety, depression, fear and other mental disorders caused by pain will gradually reduce.

  1. Psychotherapy

There is no doubt that the mood of patients with this disease is quite bad. We should try our best to let cancer patients vent their negative emotions in an appropriate way in communication, and do a good job for their families, so that cancer patients can feel the positive emotions of society and their families, and become cheerful and open-minded. It’s very helpful for cancer pain.

  1. Skin irritation

(1) Massage for pain relief: according to the location of pain, the patient can carry out slow and stable circular massage on the waist, back and feet by himself or by others. Can also massage such as Zusanli, Neiguan, Hegu and other acupoints.

(2) Temperature stimulation for pain relief: when cancer pain occurs, if you want to use temperature stimulation for pain relief, it is recommended to use cold compress. If some parts are not suitable for cold compress, you can use other methods for pain relief. Cold compress can relieve pain by causing local numbness. The effect is better and the duration of pain relief is longer. When cold compress, use towel to wrap ice bag or ice water bag for local cold compress. Attention should be paid to local reactions, especially skin whitening. But frostbite should not occur.

(3) Pressure pain relief: the pain relief effect is achieved by pressing the pain part. If the pain relief is not obvious, then find the best pressure pain relief point. After finding it, give about 1-2 minutes of fixed pressure. Sometimes the pain relief time can reach several minutes or even hours.

  1. Analgesics

If the above methods can not effectively relieve pain, we can only consider analgesics. We can ask the doctor to make a prescription. We can also use Yanxiang analgesic capsule. Chinese medicine has strong analgesic effect, but we must follow the doctor’s advice when using it.

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