1. smoked food

If you eat too much smoked food in your daily diet, you will have an increased risk of stomach cancer, such as bacon, smoked fish, or other fumigation foods. These foods are very mellow and belong to some special foods in many areas.

If only a small amount of food is used occasionally, it will not harm health and will not directly lead to gastric cancer. However, if they are consumed in large quantities for a long time, the nitrite and benzopyrene in these foods will cause great damage to the gastric mucosa and will easily induce the occurrence of stomach diseases. If ingested for a long time, it will lead to severe damage to gastric mucosa, which will increase the risk of gastric cancer.

  1. fried and baked food

Fried and baked food has the tender flavor of the outside coke, and is popular among all the people. Especially some young people, especially like to eat such food, such as fried chicken wings, fried chicken legs, chips, or some barbecue meat strings, vegetables, etc.

In the process of making these foods, they will use a large amount of fat components, which can easily lead to obesity, and obesity is another major factor leading to gastric cancer.

In addition, when making fried and baked food, it will be cooked repeatedly and high temperature, which will form many chemicals, such as benzopyrene and propylene glycol. These components are strong carcinogens, and it is easy to induce gastric cancer and other digestive tract cancer.

In addition, when food is fried and baked, many nutrients will be lost. If you take a large amount of food for a long time, it will cause the human body to lack all kinds of nutritional elements, such as vitamins and selenium. If these trace elements are short for a long time, the incidence of lung cancer will also increase.

  1. pickled food

Food in the process of salting, will use a lot of nitrite. If you take 0.3-0.5g nitrite at one time, it will cause human poisoning. If the long-term micro intake, it will cause chronic damage to gastric mucosa, which will induce the appearance of gastric cancer.

  1. mildew food

There are many bacteria and toxins in all mildew foods, especially aflatoxin. This bacteria not only harm the liver, but also damage the stomach, intestine and esophagus mucosa. Once the toxin is piled up too much in the body, it is highly likely to develop gastric cancer, as well as cancer of the intestine and esophagus.

If you eat too rough and too hot food for a long time, the gastric mucosa will also be damaged and the risk of gastric cancer will increase. Therefore, in daily diet, we must try to reduce the intake of these foods.

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