1. Hematemesis

Gastric cancer patients in the late stage still have gastric bleeding, and the amount of bleeding is much more than that in the middle stage. The patients in the late stage do not spit out some blood mixed with food, but will spit out a lot of blood. If the symptoms occur, they must go to the hospital for treatment immediately. During the treatment, they should also take good care. They can’t eat any hard food, and try their best to avoid bleeding It’s mainly food.

  1. Organ failure

Gastric cancer in the late stage, will cause complications of other organs, the first is the lung, there will be severe cough, accompanied by chest tightness and shortness of breath, this is a sign of lung failure, with the aggravation of the disease, organ failure will be more and more serious, so when the stomach symptoms are accompanied by other symptoms, the back of gastric cancer has been opened Beginning to spread or on the verge of spreading.

  1. Bloody stool

From the middle stage of gastric cancer, there will be hematochezia, but at that time only blood and stool want to mix, not how much bleeding, but in the late stage, the stool will directly pull out the bright red blood, if you do not use hemostatic drugs in time, or use chemoradiotherapy to stabilize the condition, even if it is not fatal and anemia and sepsis will appear.

The symptoms of gastric cancer in the early stage are relatively insidious, and patients often take it as common gastritis without timely attention. Hope all friends can do their own stomach care, pay attention to diet rationality, pay attention not to often eat spicy food, also don’t always smoke and drink, let the stomach disease away from their own life is the best way to prevent gastric cancer.

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