1. besides air pollution, it is also far away from smog and heart haze!

Indoor haze mainly includes three “gases”: tobacco smoke, kitchen smoke and volatile gas in decoration materials. In particular, the indoor environment of second-hand smoke, three hand smoke harm, China cooking style kitchen oil fumes to increase the incidence of female lung cancer patients.

The haze of the heart is: long-term in bad mood, become “cancer character”, love to be sullen for a long time, no brothers, no girlfriends of women, no stealing music, something stealing crying, such people with haze in the heart are easy to affect the immune mechanism of the body, affect our anti disease mechanism, and lead to the occurrence of disease.

Therefore, in order to prevent lung cancer, besides being away from air pollution, we should keep good living habits, not smoking and good cooking habits.

  1. be alert to the early symptoms of lung cancer

(1) Cough: 60% of patients have this symptom. Lung cancer usually produces respiratory tract irritation symptoms and irritating cough due to its long growth in bronchopulmonary tissue.

(2) Low fever: after blocking the bronchus, there are often obstructive pulmonary lobes, with different degrees. The light ones are only low fever, while the heavy ones have high fever. After the treatment, it can be improved temporarily, but it will recur soon.

(3) Chest bilge: early stage of lung cancer, chest pain is light, mainly manifested as sultry, hidden pain, location is not necessarily, and the relationship with respiration is uncertain. If swelling continues to occur, cancer may involve the pleura.

(4) Phlegm Blood: tumor inflammation causes necrosis, capillary damage will have a small amount of bleeding, often mixed with phlegm, intermittent or intermittent. Many lung cancer patients are treated for phlegm and blood.

In daily life, if the above situation occurs, we should go to the hospital immediately, and once the clinical symptoms appear, we often miss the best treatment opportunity. Therefore, the key point is to realize early diagnosis and early treatment.

Finally, we should remind you that in the face of dust and sand, we should do a good job in defense: do well in wind and sand prevention, close doors and windows in time; when you must go out, you must wear masks and gauze; drivers who drive out must also control the speed and ensure safety.

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