It is generally believed that it is closely related to the first-time life and marriage. If sexual life is too early, that is, women who are sexually active before the age of 18, the incidence rate of cervical cancer is four times higher than those who begin sexual life after 18 years old. Women’s sex life is too early and has venereal diseases, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, etc., so the incidence rate of cervical cancer is six times higher than that of ordinary women.

Now research has also shown that if women have sex with multiple men, the incidence of cervical cancer is higher, and virgins are less likely to have cervical cancer. It was the first to be closely related to sexual life and marriage. The second is that it has a relationship with your spouse. Some people think that the abdominal expansion of the foreskin is too long or the stem, so his wife cervical cancer incidence of the relative risk is higher.

If the husband has penis cancer or prostate cancer, or his ex-wife has cervical cancer, his wife will have more cervical cancer. The third reason is believed to be the infection of virus or fungus. Herpes simplex virus type 2, human papilla virus, or fungal infection may lead to cervical cancer. The fourth is that social economic status and smoking can also lead to cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is often a relatively high incidence rate in women with relatively low socioeconomic status.

In addition, smoking incidence rate of cervical cancer is two times higher than that of non smokers, so smoking ban can also prevent cervical cancer.

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