I can’t be happy

If you find that your friends are always unhappy, this kind of sadness is not only in the expression, but also in the action and posture.

  1. Lose interest

Patients may be tired and indifferent in social interaction, and begin to lose interest in things around them.

  1. Cognitive impairment

The main manifestations are memory loss, inattention or slow response, etc. the brain is like a rusty machine, and creativity is also declining.

  1. Long term insomnia

With no clear reason for insomnia, time loss, weight loss, always feel very tired, and this situation lasted more than 2 weeks, normal work learning machine social are significantly affected, we should be vigilant, timely to the Department of psychiatry.

Special depression!

  1. Smiling depression

Smiling depression is often hidden in people. They seem to be no different from ordinary people, and they may also like to smile. Smile type depression patients treat others politely, maybe not because he is very happy, but because he does not want to let relatives and friends worry or do not want to let people see their abnormalities, their hearts may be very painful, very sad, secretly bear unknown suffering, sometimes may suddenly make self injury or even suicide behavior.

  1. Occult depression

The somatic discomfort of occult depression will be more obvious. Patients often only pay attention to the somatic symptoms and ignore their own depression problems. They even think that depression is caused by somatic symptoms, so that when they seek treatment in groups, they only complain of somatic symptoms without mentioning depression, just like depression is hidden.

Depression does great harm to people. It is not a simple bad mood, but a mental disease, which needs attention.

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