Early symptoms of endometrial carcinoma

  1. Abnormal vaginal discharge

Early cancer patients, vaginal discharge for a small amount of white secretions or a small amount of bloody leucorrhea. In the later stage, the secretion of patients is often accompanied with peculiar smell.

  1. Irregular vaginal bleeding

Female vaginal bleeding is irregular, do not think it is irregular menstruation and ignore, we must attach great importance to and go to the hospital for examination, especially postmenopausal women with sudden bleeding, to cause great attention.

  1. Regular pain in lower abdomen

If often lower abdominal pain, it should be noted that most likely due to bleeding or infection caused by uterine contraction, causing pain.

  1. Abdominal mass, swelling and pain of lower limbs

If the patient has abdominal mass, swelling and pain of lower limbs, it may also be endometrial cancer.

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