1. eat healthy, avoid obesity

Eat more vegetables: broccoli, mustard, carrot and other cruciferous vegetables contain sulfur and introduction compounds, which can effectively prevent cancer.

Eat soybean more: soybean contains isoflavones. Eating more soybean can effectively improve the effective concentration of anti-cancer in blood, and inhibit the growth of some cancers, such as endometrial cancer.

  1. proper exercise

Through proper exercise can improve their body immunity, immunity is the first line of defense against cancer, the defense line is more stable, the cancer probability will be lower.

  1. caution is needed to supplement estrogen

Long term large amount of hormone can cause material metabolism and water salt metabolism disorder, and will increase the incidence of endometrial hyperplasia, and then develop into cancer, must be taken scientifically.

  1. regular physical examination

We should always care about our health and do regular inspection. Usually feel ill, should immediately seek medical treatment, listen to the doctor’s instructions, to find early to see a doctor, so as not to miss the best period of treatment.

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