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One of the reasons why some people get fat after drinking water, but some people don’t get fat after eating anything is the difference between the speed of metabolism. We all know that fast metabolism can burn fat quickly to help lose weight. In addition to exercise and diet, the most important thing is to drink water. Today I will share with you how drinking water can improve metabolism and help lose weight:

The first drink: the best drinking time is 6:30 in the morning;

Second cup: drink one cup at 8:30 in the morning, which can replenish your physical strength and improve your metabolism throughout the day;

The third cup: drink the third cup of water at 11 o’clock at noon. At this time, it can not only relax our bodies, but also improve our sense of satiety before lunch. Oh, lunch will not be uncontrollable to eat a lot!

The fourth Cup: drink the fourth cup of water at 12:50 noon, which plays a very important role in helping you improve your metabolism and burn fat. This cup of water must be drunk!

The fifth Cup: drink it at three o’clock in the afternoon, add about 200ml, refresh your mind and reduce your appetite!

The sixth Cup: drink it at 5:30 before dinner, which also increases the sense of satiety;

The seventh Cup: drink it at 10 p.m. and supplement it with about 100ml, which will help us detoxify and promote the blood circulation of the whole body.

Everyone is surrounded by people who often eat snacks and don’t get fat, but you get fat when drinking water. While complaining, you may be able to find the reason and analyze it.

Why do you get fat after drinking water

  1. Everyone’s innate constitution is different

People’s physique is indeed greatly affected by their parents’ genetic factors. Thin people are inherited by their parents or have a reasonable diet since childhood, so their metabolic level is relatively high and they consume more energy than ordinary people. People with high metabolic rate themselves, even if they lie in bed, their bodies will help them burn more calories. This is the innate advantage of people. Do you feel envious when you see here.

  1. Everyone’s gastrointestinal digestion is different

Some people will not get fat no matter how much they eat. The biggest physiological reason may be that their gastrointestinal system is weak, and the digestive and absorption system cannot move normally. Often, the food they eat is excreted before digestion. Naturally, such people cannot get fat.

  1. Everyone has a different diet

Some people eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and don’t get fat, mainly because the calorie content of these foods is very low; Some people eat very little, but when you ask them what they have eaten, they will say: cake, pizza, ice cream, etc. eating such high calorie food naturally makes them fat. Everyone’s diet is different, and the calories provided to the body are different.

  1. Everyone has different living habits

When you complain about why you “get fat after drinking water”, your friends may be running in the gym. When you are leisurely waiting for the elevator, your friends may be climbing the stairs. When you carefully observe the thin people around you, you will find that they are more disciplined than you and move a little more than you every day.

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