Pulmonary nodules

With the progress of society, the average survival age of people is increasing. The main reason is that people attach importance to health and physical examination. The entry physical examination of the unit, the annual physical examination of employees, as well as the regular examination of people themselves, and good living habits all help us find the physical problems in time.

Some people don’t care about the pulmonary nodules found in the physical examination, and some people are worried that they will become cancer. What is the probability of the pulmonary nodules becoming cancer?

1、 How far is the lung nodule from lung cancer?

In terms of probability, most of the pulmonary nodules found for the first time are benign lesions, such as inflammation, tuberculosis, scars, lymph nodes, etc., and the malignant ones may be less than 20%. Even for lung cancer, most of them are in the early stage of lung cancer, and the cure rate is high. Therefore, from the perspective of diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, finding pulmonary nodules is actually a good thing. Most of the outcomes end in comedy, and excessive worry is unnecessary.

2、 What should I do if I find a pulmonary nodule?

  1. Regular follow-up

Generally, unexplained nodules should be followed up regularly. According to the international and domestic diagnostic and treatment standards of pulmonary nodules, if it is a nodule less than 4mm, it will not affect normal life, so treatment and examination can be avoided. Usually, you can often eat some fruits and light foods, such as pears. Everyone knows that pears have the functions of clearing lung, moistening lung and relieving cough. If you feel uncomfortable in your lungs, you can eat pears to relieve it. Small pulmonary nodules are the products left by inflammation and infection. Eating pears often can help the recovery of small nodules.

If the size of the nodule is between 4mm and 6mm, it is best to have a physical examination once a year to observe whether the nodule shows signs of growth. But don’t worry. The nodules in this range haven’t become cancerous yet. Pay attention to diet to prevent the nodules from growing up at ordinary times.

If the size of the nodule is between 6mm and 8m, we should pay attention to it and check it every six months. If the nodule does not grow again, it should be examined once the next year. If the nodule is larger than 8mm, it is best to check it once every 3 months, and often pay attention to the changes of the nodule. It is best to follow the advice of the doctor.

CT scanning should be carried out in March to June, September to December and 18 to 24 months, and the CT scanning results should be compared with all previous scanning results, so as to detect the growth of lesions early and take measures in time. Especially for those single ground glass nodules larger than 8mm, more attention should be paid. If they continue to develop, surgery should be used.

  1. Quit smoking and alcohol

First of all, we should quit smoking and alcohol. Because lung nodules are at risk of developing lung cancer, and smoking is the first cause of lung cancer, we should stop the development of the disease from the source.

  1. Balanced diet

There is no need to pay special attention to the diet of pulmonary nodules. A balanced diet is sufficient. Eat less spicy and stimulating food, less pickled food, and no barbecue or processed meat food.

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