Insomnia, headache

Insomnia is a sleep disorder usually characterized by difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep, waking up early, or intermittent awakenings. Uncomfortable feelings such as fatigue, tiredness, headache, poor mood and inattention can affect the patient’s social functioning. Headache is a symptom with complex etiology and a very complex problem in clinical practice. It may be a functional manifestation, such as anxiety, neurasthenia, insomnia, sleep deprivation and depression, which will lead to headache symptoms in patients. But it may also be caused by organic lesions, such as poor blood pressure control in patients with hypertension, brain tumors, brain inflammation, parasites and trauma, etc., can also cause headaches. \

Pain and insomnia should first identify the cause of the headache and give appropriate treatment as follows:

  1. Viral infection: If the headache is caused by a virus, antiviral and neuralgia drugs can be used, mainly including gabapentin, pregabalin, etc.
  2. Migraine: staying up late, fatigue, mood swings or women’s menstrual period is easy to induce migraine, leading to insomnia, aggravating headache, leading to a vicious cycle. Clinically, predisposing factors should be removed and flunarizine should be used to improve headache symptoms. In addition, flunarizine may cause drowsiness and improve insomnia symptoms;
  3. Tension headaches: Headaches are caused by poor sleep quality and can worsen insomnia symptoms. Drugs that relax tense muscles, such as baclofen and eperisone, can also be used to relieve tension, mainly serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as sertraline, fluoxetine and paroxetine, which can improve mood, headache symptoms and sleep.

People with insomnia are not advised to drink coffee or tea and other central nervous excitatory beverages. At the same time, remember to drink in the evening, eat before going to bed or do not eat too full after meals, so as not to cause indigestion, affecting sleep at night. At the same time, avoid strenuous physical activity or excessive mental activity before bed, go to bed and get up regularly, and make sure the sleeping environment is quiet, clean and not too bright.

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