Children suffer from insomnia

For the treatment of children’s insomnia, according to the severity of the analysis, sleep to drink hot milk, such as serious need to take sedative brain tonic drugs.

Children with insomnia can prioritize self-regulating measures to improve, such as drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed. Keep regular life habit, mix a, if the situation is serious, need to take sedative drugs for brain, such as nerves for brain fluid or jujube benevolence anshen granule to adjust, side effect is small, if still cannot alleviate, need to sleep clinics, on the basis of the specific cause insomnia causes more targeted treatment, such as the abnormal if there is a psychological mood, Need to cooperate with psychological counseling method to treat conditioning, so as to avoid long-term insomnia will affect growth and development, insomnia in Traditional Chinese medicine is known as insomnia, childhood insomnia is more common in clinical.

That is to say, often unable to sleep normally, often accompanied by dizziness, headache, heart palpitations, forgetfulness and other symptoms, there are many reasons for children’s insomnia. What should consider above all is morpheus environment, wait like indoor temperature and humidity, light, sound. Proper sleeping environment should be maintained.

In addition, this may be related to the following factors, emotional damage, children’s emotional exhaustion can lead to visceral dysfunction and insomnia, in terms of learning, if there is the supervision of the examination and parents, children will put too much pressure on their own, leading to psychological stress, in terms of social relationship, may be bad relationship between teachers and students around, always anxious, Or watching movies that are easy to cause emotional changes, playing games, reading more stimulating books, etc., may cause children to suffer from insomnia at night.

Insomniacs should be aware that millet has the highest tryptophan content of any grain. It also contains a lot of starch, which makes it easy to feel full after eating it. It also boosts insulin production and increases the amount of tryptophan entering the brain. Milk contains two kinds of hypnotic substances, one is tryptophan, which stimulates brain cells to secrete neurotransmitters that make people sleepy, and the other is a peptide that regulates biological function. Opioids can bind to the central nervous system and act as a similar paralyzing analgesic, making people feel comfortable throughout the body, helping to relieve fatigue and ease sleep.

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