Exercise for weight loss

First of all, exercise can make your body more fit, but it takes a process to lose weight. Many people simply think that fat will become muscle after exercise, for fear of looking like a big man. Fat is fat, and muscle and fat are completely different things.

Feel fitness does not reach the result that reduce weight, the method that may be oneself is wrong, the choice that also may be sports project produced deviation, had better seek advice first professional fitness coach.

Secondly, fitness needs a period of time, the cycle is gradual to see the effect, a month and a half, in fact, the effect is not particularly obvious. Those who don’t have a fitness habit before and suddenly start working out will definitely have sore muscles for the first few days. People who exercise regularly may not have a lower weight, but they have more muscle.

Finally, to say with everyone, although fitness weight loss is a very good way to lose weight, but weight loss is the need for a comprehensive variety of methods at the same time, so that the effect will be better, on the basis of regular fitness, control their own diet, this can achieve better results.

Feel that their fitness is always unable to lose weight, we should reflect on the diet is not adjusted, while exercise, after returning home to eat sweets or friends out drinking, these will destroy the fitness effect. And sleep is not good, often stay up late also easy to destroy the effect of reducing weight. Want to lose weight, first do a weight loss program will be better, xiaobian and you simply say a few small methods.

First, develop good living habits

Good living habits are not only about sleeping regularly, but also paying attention to details of life, such as eating soup before meals and chewing slowly during meals so that you don’t eat more.

Second, replace rice and other high-calorie foods with liquid foods

The quantity of heat of liquid food is less commonly, and better digestion, rice, rice dumplings, cakes, bread, the quantity of heat of these things is high, do not suit the person that reduce weight to eat.

Third, eat less fruit and more vegetables

A lot of people reduce weight like to eat fruit, replace staple food with fruit, above all fruit is acidic commonly, hollow eat easy to stimulate intestines and stomach, and the sugar of many fruits is very high, eat too much go against reducing weight. For example, grapes and bananas can not be eaten too much at one time. If you want to lose weight, you can eat them appropriately, but it is best to eat more green vegetables, which are very low in calories and good for weight loss and detoxification.

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