Sweet potato

One, sweet potato anti-cancer, is this statement credible?

Researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Cancer Prevention studied the dietary habits of 260,000 people and found that cooked sweet potatoes prevented cancer 98.7 percent of the time, while raw sweet potatoes prevented cancer 94.4 percent of the time. So many people think sweet potato is the king of cancer, is it believable?

Dietitian Gu Chuanling said that some studies had a small sample size, and some studies used sweet potato extracts rather than the sweet potato itself, so no conclusion could be drawn that sweet potatoes fight cancer. Therefore, eating more sweet potatoes should not be expected to fight cancer.

Two, eating baked sweet potato will have cancer risk?

Delicious roasted sweet potato, once attracted many people’s taste buds, but about roasted sweet potato, there are some bad claims, even some people think that roasted sweet potato will have cancer risk.

Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates, as well as carotene, protein, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants and other nutrients. Sweet potato tastes good and is easy to produce a sense of satiation.

Roasted sweet potatoes on the street, while tasty, also carry a number of health risks. Some researchers have found that the baked sweet potatoes bought on the road are contaminated with sulfur and heavy metals in the cortex and subcutaneous meat layer. Of course, there is no need to panic too much. If you want to eat, it is recommended to choose sweet potato skin not broken, and try to avoid sweet potato skin when eating. If you have an oven at home, baking sweet potatoes yourself is also a good option.

Three, how to eat sweet potato the healthiest?

Although sweet potato is delicious, but how to eat the healthiest?

  1. the spleen and stomach is not good advice to eat less

Although sweet potato can strengthen the spleen and stomach, but the spleen and stomach is not good people had better eat sweet potato less, sugar in sweet potato is likely to increase the secretion of gastric acid, leading to greater pressure in the stomach, but also may stimulate the stomach mucosa, causing stomach discomfort.

  1. Don’t eat with sweets

Sweet potatoes themselves are sweet, and it is best not to eat with other sweet foods, which may increase the risk of gastroesophageal reflux.

  1. It’s healthier to eat with

Nutritionist Qiu Xinye points out, eat sweet potato had better match soup of other cereal, face, vegetable to wait to eat together, avoid to cause bilge gas.

Although there have been studies proving that eating sweet potato has anti-cancer effects, in fact, there is relatively little evidence. It is not realistic to rely on sweet potato to fight cancer, but sweet potato has high nutritional value. In addition, buying roasted sweet potatoes on the street may have some health risks, it is recommended to bake sweet potatoes, and master the correct way to eat sweet potatoes.

Reference: Japan Cancer Institute: Sweet potatoes kill 98 percent of cancer cells? Is it credible? To tell you the truth. Chinese medical care hall.2022-03-24

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