Monosodium glutamate

The cooking process of many delicious foods is inseparable from the blessing of some fresh substances. There are a lot of fresh products on the market, such as chicken essence, MONOsodium glutamate, oyster sauce, etc., all of which are fresh products with a relatively high rate of appearance. But before that, some people said monosodium glutamate is composed of chemical substances, which will cause cancer after heating. Many people think monosodium glutamate can’t be eaten.

Is MONOsodium glutamate a “chemical substance”?

If MSG is a chemical, the salt we eat is also a chemical, and chemical is probably just another name for something.

The main component of MSG is monosodium glutamate, which is found in many foods. It is mainly used for fermentation, extraction, crystallization and drying of carbohydrates. In fact, this fermentation process is similar to that of vinegar, soy sauce and wine.

Two, monosodium glutamate heating will cause cancer?

There is hearsay monosodium glutamate produces carcinogenic substance coke glutamate sodium after heating, produce nerve toxicity to human body, this view does not have what scientific basis actually, the proposal does not believe blindly, spread casually.

Monosodium glutamate content in monosodium glutamate is 80% to 90%, in the process of high-temperature cooking, there will indeed be a small part of the conversion into pyromonosodium glutamate, but very little, and the role of the human body is minimal, although it is recommended to put monosodium glutamate before the pot, but does not mean that high temperature will cause cancer.

Previously, the World Health Organization’s Joint organization of Food additives experts, after several evaluations, has changed the safe intake of MSG to no restriction, so it is still very safe to consume MSG.

Three, some dishes are not recommended to add MSG

Although THE effect of MSG is good, but not all dishes are suitable to add MSG, nutritionist Wang Silu suggested the following dishes had better not add MSG.

  1. Sugar-sweetened dishes

It is not recommended to add MSG in sweet dishes. If MSG is put in this kind of cuisine, it will not only fail to improve the fresh effect, but also may lead to the suppression of sweetness. General MSG is used in some salty cuisine, salty cuisine contains sodium ions, and MSG foil each other, the effect of fresh will be better.

  1. Vinegared ingredients

After adding condiment vinegar to dishes, if MSG is added, disodium glutamate may be produced, resulting in unusually sour dishes, poor taste and poor experience.

  1. Bring your own umami dishes

If MSG is added, it may affect the taste. Therefore, do not add MSG to meat dishes, mushrooms, eggs and other dishes when cooking, or it may lead to poor taste.

Previously there were rumors that MSG is harmful to people, but also said that MSG will cause cancer after heating, in fact there is no scientific basis for such claims, the World Health Organization has set MSG intake as no limit, normal consumption is generally safe. However, it is recommended to avoid adding MSG in sweet dishes, vinegar-based food materials and umami food materials, which will lead to worse taste.

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