Cerebral infarction
  1. Why are cerebral infarction increasing in China and decreasing in the United States?

According to GBD2016 data published in NEJM, from 1990 to 2016, the incidence of cerebral infarction in adults worldwide was 24.9%, with China topping the list with a 40% stroke risk. And the incidence of stroke in China has been on the rise, compared with the incidence of the United States has declined a lot.

High incidence of cerebral infarction in China, hypertension is the culprit. According to the case analysis of Zhongshan Hospital, 92.3% of patients with cerebral infarction have hypertension primary disease, in addition, due to the three high diet habits of Chinese people, also for the occurrence of cerebral infarction buried hidden trouble. The decline in the United States is largely linked to government-mandated folic acid supplementation, which began in flour in 1998.

Two, folic acid alone is not enough, do these 2 points more important than supplement folic acid

Up to 80% of cerebral infarction can be prevented, in fact, only by supplementing folic acid is not enough, do these two points more important than filling folic acid.

  1. Control blood pressure

Hypertension, as the primary culprit of high incidence of cerebral infarction, must be paid attention to, this chronic disease for vascular cells, arteriosclerosis damage cannot be reversed, so we must control blood pressure.

  1. Give up smoking

Smoking increases carbon monoxide levels in the body and increases the risk of hardening of the arteries and brain attacks, so be sure to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Three, three symptoms, alert to the arrival of cerebral infarction

In addition to the prevention of cerebral infarction from life, but also to understand the signals sent by cerebral infarction, appear the following three symptoms, to be vigilant is the signal of cerebral infarction.

  1. The facial

Cerebral infarction is caused by cerebrovascular disease, once the disease involves the nerve, it may cause some symptoms of drooling, nausea, dizziness, blurred consciousness, vomiting, temporary blindness and so on.

  1. Fingers tingling

Many people have experienced numbness and numbness in their fingers, but they must be alert to sudden numbness and inability to close their fingers. It is caused by transient cerebral ischemia.

  1. The lower limbs

Cerebral lesions may cause contralateral hemiplegia or weakness. If you have weakness in one leg, hemiplegia, or flat wrestling, beware of ischemic stroke.

The high incidence of cerebral infarction in China is related to Chinese hypertension and three-high diet, etc. It is suggested to properly supplement folic acid, control blood pressure and quit smoking. If the signal of cerebral infarction attack is found, attention must be paid to it, timely diagnosis and treatment, so as not to aggravate the condition, or even affect the health and life safety.

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