There is also record in pharmacopoeia, hawthorn can be used at the auxiliary conditioning of the patient of hypertension, high blood fat, coronary heart disease, rumor even says, the component in hawthorn has the effect that restraines cancer cell, often eat hawthorn can anticancer.

  1. A drop in blood pressure

Contemporary pharmacological research makes clear, the hawthorn that we eat and the hawthorn treatment that falls blood pressure are two return a responsibility. Hawthorn is extracted by ethanol extract for intravenous injection. In animal experiments, it is found that there is a hypotensive effect. But ingestion through the digestive tract does not have the same effect on the body as intravenous injection.

Although most animal experiments have shown that Hawthorn can be used as a vasodilator, play a role in reducing blood pressure, but in human experiments is not obvious.

Double-blind randomized controlled trials that specifically lowered blood pressure found no significant difference in outcomes for mild essential hypertension, but for some people, resting diastolic blood pressure dropped a little. Visible, hawthorn may have a certain antihypertensive effect, but can not replace the role of antihypertensive drugs.

  1. Fall hematic fat

Hawthorn contains lipase can promote the digestion of fat food. In addition, it contains flavonoids, total triterpenoid acid and other unsaturated acid is the active component of falling blood fat, so Hawthorn has certain lowering fat effect.

But be the same as fall blood pressure, any food cannot replace medicaments, rely on eating hawthorn to treat a disease simply, can gain outweighs loss only.

  1. The anticancer

Some experiments have found that hawthorn extracts help inhibit the biosynthesis of cancer cell DNA, thereby preventing the division and reproduction of tumor cells.

But these findings, which were limited to in vitro or animal studies using extracts, do not prove that the presence of anti-cancer extracts means that eating them has anti-cancer effects.

Need to note is, eat hawthorn in large quantities for a long time, still can cause a variety of adverse reactions such as dizziness, arrhythmia to the body, so do not recommend long-term and large consumption. Additional, immature hawthorn contains more gather tannic acid, hollow edible easy cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain wait for a circumstance.

Hawthorn bubble water plus a thing, health effect is better

Hawthorn contains rich nutrients, eating is good for the human body, eat fresh hawthorn nutrition effect is the best, but inconvenient words can bubble water to drink, in addition, can also match this a few herbs together.

  1. Hawthorn + osmanthus

8 pieces of hawthorn dry cleaning, pour boiling water brewing, warm, and then add a spoon of osmanthus sauce, stirring drinking, can play the role of spleen digestion.

  1. Hawthorn and cassia seeds

Hawthorn dried, cassia seed, green tea boiled with tea drink, can improve intestinal function.

  1. Hawthorn and cinnamon

Hawthorn, cinnamon, japonica rice, brown sugar into the pot boiled into sweet porridge, help to relieve chills and cold hands and feet.

Those who should remind is, although hawthorn taste slants acid, but its contain fructose taller, to diabetic patient, pregnant initial stage, change tooth period children, gastric acid is too much person, not appropriate edible hawthorn, still avoid edible as far as possible.

Although hawthorn has a lot of benefit to human body, but it is a kind of fruit of biological group only after all, cannot replace medicine. So don’t believe the rumors and eat too much.

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