Generally speaking, heavy moisture does not affect insomnia. However, if the patient with high humidity is accompanied by some irritability, fear of heat, sweating or insomnia and constipation, it will affect sleep and lead to irritability. Usually, it will not only affect insomnia, but also affect the quality of sleep, easy to dream, frightened, easy to wake up, shallow sleep and so on. Usually by improving insomnia, it can be effectively alleviated. For example, some sedatives can be used to treat insomnia. At the same time, can also do some outdoor exercise in daily life, more sunshine, which can also effectively improve insomnia.

Heavy dampness can impair the digestive function of the spleen and stomach. Heavy moisture will affect the operation of the spleen and stomach, damage the body’s spleen Yang, the body will appear indigestion. The moisture is generated from within, which exacerbates it. The heavy moisture may also affect the appetite of patients, causing anorexia, indigestion, diarrhea, edema, sputum turbidity and other diseases. High moisture in the body can also affect joint movement. Because it can clog joints, it can cause pain and in severe cases, even the patient cannot bend or stretch. Therefore, patients with heavy moisture often feel heavy head, sore hands and feet, difficult to move. In addition, humid diseases linger and are difficult to cure. Damp diseases usually do not occur immediately, but they are long and recurrent.

The heavy harm of moisture will also affect the qi mechanism of the body, moisture is the evil of turbidities, will stay in the viscera and meridians, thus affecting the qi mechanism, leading to the abnormal function of the viscera. When moisture blocks the chest diaphragm and airflow is blocked, the patient may feel the diaphragm tight. But wet resistance coke can cause spleen and stomach disorders, abdominal distension or loss of appetite. The damp-evil stasis will leave the lesion, damage the kidney and bladder of the patient, and the patient will have problems such as water saturation and urine dripping. Vegetarianism and appropriate meat should be given priority, as this combination can remove dampness and reduce the burden on the body, thus easily eliminating the symptoms of heavy dampness.

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