Ear needles are used to prick the ear and tragus with small needles. Acupoints can often choose to adjust sleep, such as sleeping points. Ear acupuncture is effective in treating insomnia. For the treatment of sleep can also be ear ear pressing bean treatment, usually patients can roll ear beans, can stimulate the acupoints of insomnia, can adjust the viscera dysfunction, for improving insomnia has a good effect. Ear needle can also treat the disease of internal secretory, such as auxiliary hypoglycemia, hypotension, the peripheral facial neuritis with impaired facial nerve function, have a better improvement effect. Ear needles can also treat digestive diseases, such as indigestion. Insomnia should be treated according to the cause, because the causes of insomnia are different, the treatment is not the same. Different groups of people, such as teenagers, may have insomnia related to mood and study pressure; office workers may have insomnia related to their daily habits and work pressure; the elderly also suffer from insomnia. Insomnia should be treated according to different reasons, primary insomnia is not a lot, most of them are secondary insomnia, so it is very important for the treatment of the primary disease. Insomnia treatment methods include medication, psychological, physical therapy. Insomnia drugs have sleeping pills, but sleeping pills do not take long-term, large doses, will be easy to addiction. In psychological treatment, patients should adjust their understanding of sleep, look at sleep correctly, have good sleep habits, reading, exercise and other methods can improve insomnia. Physical therapy such as transcranial magnetic stimulation is also an excellent treatment.

Patients can eat walnut, lily, sour jujube kernel, longan, lotus seeds, red dates, goat’s milk, honey, milk and so on. There is no most effective food for all insomnia patients, insomnia should eat some food to calm the mind and promote sleep.

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