Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are caused by a variety of factors, mainly including several.

One is genetic factors, the patient’s immediate relatives with anxiety, the possibility of anxiety will increase, the closer the blood relationship, the probability may be greater.

Second, neurotransmitter factors, in the body catecholamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, dopaminergic nervous system abnormalities, may be related to the occurrence of anxiety.

Three is the character factor, do things rigid, the pursuit of perfection, the request of high character characteristics of the possibility of anxiety will increase.

Fourth, social environmental factors, such as work pressure, repeated experience of various life events, learning tension, etc., can increase the risk of anxiety. Patients with anxiety disorders in the absence of the onset of the same as normal people, there will be emotional loss of control. They may also be violent or have symptoms such as night sweats and dreams, which can lead to respiratory problems such as rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing. Anxiety patients are generally nervous and depressed, so when there is no disease and normal people about the same.

But once the disease will lead to nervous tension, which affects the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, leading to chest tightness, difficulty breathing and other symptoms, this is because of low mood and emotional tension caused by temporary dysregulation. Anxiety caused by the rapid heartbeat, should be given priority to psychological treatment, drug treatment is supplemented. To listen to the patient’s medical history, understand the causes and incentives may cause anxiety, careful physical examination and necessary laboratory examination, rule out hyperthyroidism and other organic diseases caused by the rapid heartbeat.

To relieve the patient’s anxiety and concerns, tell the patient about the nature of some diseases, with some suggestive language to help patients remove concerns. Encourage patients to adjust their mentality, arrange a good work and rest time, appropriate literary and artistic, sports activities.

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