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Mother hip weight loss method:

  1. Pelvic external opening adjustment exercise: Women after birth is still in the stage of recovery, at this time can not to strenuous exercise, it is suggested to choose simple pelvic repair action, such as pelvic outside adjustment hold, can help you adjust the postpartum outside pelvis, stick to it for a long time, slowly can keep the surrounding muscle line is more robust and compact, it will be very helpful for carry buttock and thin buttock, It also helps tighten the line of your arms.
  2. Kegel Exercise: Kegel exercises mentioned a lot of people don’t understand, in fact is what we call the pelvis motion, the method is very simple, first of all, on the shrinkage and the anus 10 seconds, then slowly relax 10 seconds, this is a set of movements, the game is not restricted by field, insist to take exercise helps strengthen the effect of pelvic floor muscle for a long time, can effectively promote the postpartum pelvic recovery, Improve urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

3, local hip exercise: For postpartum big hips, can undertake some expectant mothers to restore the body recover after hip exercise, such as a dumbbell lunges jump, balance the ball curved legs and divide leg press up and down for hips to lose weight, need everyone’s attention, in the sports action should not be too big, need to be paid attention to during the process of frequency and the number of times to grasp well, too, to avoid sports injury. Nevertheless lift buttock and beautiful buttock effect is good, need to insist for a long time.

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