The main ideas of weight loss methods:

  1. Reduce your food intake, avoid overeating, and reduce your appetite.
  2. Control the intake of staple food at dinner, finish the intake of staple food throughout the day by mid-afternoon, and carry out light fasting of staple food in the evening.
  3. Ensure your protein intake. Recommended protein rich foods are chicken breast, fish, shrimp, eggs and milk.
  4. Eat nothing after dinner and go on light fasting before bed.
  5. staple food as far as possible to choose porridge categories, and eat more coarse grains, multi-grain.
  6. Eat at least 60 percent vegetables.


Breakfast: Eat 80% full.

Half a bowl of Pearl Barley Red Bean porridge or millet porridge + 1 boiled egg + vegetarian large mixed vegetables (Eat until full)

10 a.m. : Eat 70 percent full

Apple + grapefruit and other fruits.

Lunch: Eat 80% full.

Half a bowl of sweet potato rice or half a bowl of brown rice + half a piece of poached chicken breast or one piece of steamed fish + sauteed vegetables (all you can eat)

3 p.m. : 70 percent full.

Half a bowl of milk oatmeal and an apple

Dinner: Eat half full.

One egg white or three prawns + a bowl of vegetable soup

Other rules for losing weight:

  1. Eat fruit to relieve hunger at all intervals before dinner. The hunger after dinner can only be alleviated by drinking plain water.
  2. Drink plenty of warm water every day, about 2 liters. If you drink too much soup, reduce your water intake. If you exercise too much, increase your water intake.
  3. Eat three or more vegetables and three or more fruits a day.

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