Diet breakfast preparation

  1. Protein: low calories, strong satiety, help lose weight
  2. Carbon water: Provides heat and keeps your brain awake
  3. Fruits/vegetables: Take vitamins and minerals

High quality protein

The most common protein choices are dairy products and eggs. To be specific, all kinds of eggs (boiled eggs, tea eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, steamed eggs…) Milk, cheese, cheese, etc.

These two kinds of school canteen will generally have, weight loss breakfast, the simplest supplement protein collocation is boiled egg + pure milk (student party comparison suggested to choose whole milk).

It is recommended to choose all of them, because they do not have much protein, an egg protein is about 7g, a 250ml carton of pure milk protein is about 7.5g, better to eat together.

Alternative protein supplements

1: soymilk: if it is freshly ground can drink, but according to the experience of nine reading time, the school’s soymilk or brewing soymilk powder is more, drink up sweet, a lot of sugar, not very recommended to drink. If you like it, you can consider buying pure soymilk powder back to brew, remember to choose the ingredients list is soy/soybeans.

2: Marinated eggs: although the sodium content is a lot, but the protein supplement is still feasible, recommended for school without boiled eggs. It’s OK as a side meal. It’s full.

3: skinless drumstick: if the canteen variety is rich, you can also consider eating a small skinless drumstick in the morning, which can also be a good supplement of protein.

4: Milk powder/protein powder: Suitable for the situation that milk is not very available, brewed milk powder or protein powder can also be, but be sure to know how much you eat.

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