Is it OK to drink tea overnight?

Many people worry that overnight tea will produce carcinogenic substances, not conducive to health, but CCTV finance in three kinds of tea after the experiment found that overnight tea placed 12 hours, 24 hours after, and did not deteriorate, there is no excessive nitrite content, relatively safe, can drink.

Chang Lijie, a public dietitian, pointed out that although it is OK to drink tea overnight as long as it does not spoil, from a nutritionally perspective, the nutrients in tea overnight are reduced, so drinking tea overnight is not recommended.

5 kinds of tea to drink less, or will hurt the body

  1. Raw tea

Raw tea has serious green gas, irritant to stomach mucosa, and is easy to cause stomach discomfort symptoms, so it is best not to drink raw tea directly, it is best to slowly fry and then soak water to drink.

  1. Mildew tea

Mildew tea is mostly contaminated by microorganisms, which is likely to have aflatoxin and other substances, drink it is easy to cause diarrhea, dizziness and other symptoms, it is best not to drink. Usually keep tea, it is best to place in a dry place to avoid mildew.

  1. Brewing tea for too long

Tea brewing time is too long, not only the nutritional value is low, and the taste is relatively poor, but also may be contaminated by microorganisms, it is best not to drink.

  1. Overhot tea

Although tea needs to be soaked with boiling water, but remember not to drink too hot tea, otherwise it may scald oral mucosa, esophageal mucosa, and even induce esophageal cancer, oral cancer.

  1. Flavored tea

When storing tea leaves, it is best not to put them together with other smelly food, so as to avoid the odor. It is best not to drink the odor tea, so as not to affect your health.

Overnight tea is not as horrible as people imagine, as long as there is no deterioration of overnight tea is generally drinkable, but its nutrients become less, do not advocate drinking overnight tea.

Although drinking tea has certain benefits to the body, it is not recommended to drink strong tea, mildew tea, hot tea, long-brewed tea, flavored tea, burnt tea and so on.

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