Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, EPA and other vitamins and substances, which promote children’s brain, nervous system, vision development and so on.

But the effects of these nutrients on brain development are not the same as being smart. In other words, an infant’s brain needs these nutrients for normal mental development, and the intake of these nutrients is sufficient to achieve normal mental development.

But it doesn’t take a high dose of fish to break through the mental barrier to peak performance, and the specific effects of these substances are greater in infants than in adult brain development. In addition, fish contains high quality protein, taurine, calcium, iron, zinc, choline, etc., which is good for the human body.

Low fat content, enhance immunity

The fat content of fish is about 1-10%, and most of the fat is made up of unsaturated fatty acids, which can make the human body form a good cell membrane, so that the cells get sufficient and good nutrients, at the same time, it can enhance the body’s immunity, promote the development of the brain, low fat content can also reduce the risk of obesity.

High quality protein and minerals to promote nervous system development

Fish contains high quality protein, about 18%, protein is twice higher than pork, plus it is the protein needed by the human body, high utilization rate, is one of the components of human immune cells, but also can help the human body to strengthen antibodies, so that the fighting ability of immune cells become stronger.

Fish is also rich in thiamine, choline, nicotine, iron, zinc, vitamins A, B, D and so on, among which iron and zinc can support children’s immune system, choline can promote their spinal cord development, vitamins can promote the operation of the nervous system.

How to eat more nutritious fish?

Fish is so good for the human body that some people want to eat it every day, every meal. In fact, everything has a degree, we also understand the “extreme” truth, fish although healthy, but in the process of breeding or growth is very likely to be polluted.

Because a pollutant called mercury is present in rivers, lakes or oceans, and fish can easily convert it into methylmercury once they enter contaminated areas.

After a long period of enrichment, methylmercury can be said to exist in most fish, and with the increase of body size and accumulation of methylmercury, once humans ingest too much methylmercury, it will cause certain harm to the brain and nervous system.

Eating fish in daily life should also master a certain frequency, it is recommended to eat fish 2-3 times a week, fish can be selected: such as tilapia, perch, cod, crucian, belt fish and other varieties of safe fish, in addition, grouper, snapper, halibut and other more nutritious.

Eat fish with more species of fish bones, eat to eat slowly, avoid fish bones stuck throat. When cooking fish, pay attention to cooking. Unprocessed raw fish is not recommended, especially for pregnant women and children. It is also forbidden to eat raw fish. Although fish is delicious, it is not suitable for everyone.

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