Insomnia advice

Why do you wake up in the middle of the night?

  1. Anemia and deficiency of qi and blood

When you go to sleep at night, your body doesn’t shut down, it’s working.

For anemia patients or people with insufficient qi and blood, the brain will suffer from hypoxia due to insufficient qi and blood, and the human body will wake up in the morning due to insufficient oxygen supply. Then it’s not surprising to wake up around three or four in the morning.

2, another very important factor is psychological factor.

Life, work of all kinds of pressure has put people out of breath, for a long time, people will use the brain too much, neurasthenia, resulting in anxiety, insomnia performance.

The main manifestations are: emotional rage, anxiety, poor memory, upset and so on.

3, the liver is strong

The time of the liver meridian is 1-3 o ‘clock at night. If the liver fire is too exuberant, people will have insomnia. Because the liver is the main soul, the fire is big and the soul flies, people will not sleep.

It is suggested that people with strong anger can strengthen exercise, and secondly, it is necessary to learn to regulate their emotions, less hair or not lose temper.

  1. Menopausal syndrome

Women in their late 50s who often wake up around 3am or 4am need to see if they are going through menopause.

Generally to the menopause of women tend to appear at night insomnia and dreams, and even have hot flashes sweating symptoms.

One of the most important things to treat menopausal syndrome is to keep a happy mood. You can get some counseling from a psychologist.

You can also make adjustments to understand that menopause is a physiological process that everyone must go through. Accept your changes and be positive about your physical and mental changes.

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