1. Symptoms must be frequent or persistent. When it comes to anxiety, even in mild cases, symptoms and pain can be felt for most of the day. And persistent symptoms, you don’t have a second to relax.
  2. There is no clear object and fixed content, which is also unconditioned anxiety. If you’re nervous and fearful for a specific reason, it’s not necessarily anxiety.
  3. When the brain feels inexplicable fear, it will search for the cause. For example, chest tightness, rapid heartbeat, and a clump of the heart will make it feel that the heart is going to strike. The sight of the river creates the danger of “jumping into the river and drowning”, which is not the object of anxiety. Because, even without these “objects”, the heart is not abnormal, there is no river beside you, you are still in a tense fear.

If it is dizziness and headache, and will worry is “cerebral haemorrhage, stroke”, if in a high-rise, it will produce “jump to death” risk, this is no fixed content.

In line with these 3 situations, is anxiety, if you meet these points, must be timely to professional psychiatric hospital for examination, see.

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