For psychiatric patients, they gain weight due to hormone disorders caused by drugs. However, anxiety is different. In anxiety patients, the amygdala is sensitized, the emotional brain is overactive, and the safety and defense mechanism of the human body is abnormally opened, making the patients enter a state of continuous stress.

In this state, life speeds up, heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, vision and hearing become more sensitive than usual, a large amount of blood supply to the limbs, ready to “fight or flight” to deal with danger. A state of constant stress requires enormous energy expenditure, and when that energy is insufficient, the body’s reserves are depleted: first fat, then muscle.

As a result, people with severe anxiety disorders tend to look haggard, like a zombie. In addition, anxiety patients with nervous system damage, hunger center is also affected, no appetite, than diet drugs also Ling.

And the gastrointestinal system nervous sensitive, resulting in gastrointestinal dysfunction, even if you forced to eat a little, digestion and absorption function has become a lot worse, and, continuous diarrhea, resulting in the situation of living beyond the means.

Therefore, anxiety can cause people to lose weight, but the process is abnormal and unhealthy. Han Jing suggests that the body should always come first in order to fight anxiety.

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