1. Ordinary and natural mentality

There is no need to worry too much about insomnia, the more nervous you are, the more forced to sleep, the result will be counterproductive. Some people are even more nervous about insomnia for many days in a row. They think that if the brain doesn’t get a rest, it’s not a short life, and it will also get sick. In fact, excessive anxiety caused by this kind of worry is more harmful to sleep itself and its health. Therefore, we should maintain a natural state of mind, to alleviate insomnia is very helpful oh.

  1. Seeking and eliminating the causes of insomnia

There are many factors causing insomnia, which have been mentioned before. As long as we pay a little attention, it is not difficult to find. If the cause is eliminated, insomnia is self-healing. For insomnia symptoms caused by diseases, we should seek medical advice in time. Can’t think: insomnia is just a small problem, not a disease and delay treatment time.

  1. Drinking hot milk

Drink half an hour before going to bed, drink half a cup of hot milk, milk has high nutritional value, its comprehensive nutrition on the heart and brain organs, comprehensive regulation of nerve, endocrine and immune system function has great help. Why many white-collar workers suffer from insomnia until dawn is due to the disorder of the sympathetic nervous system. Before going to bed and milk can balance various physiological disorders in human metabolism, enhance immunity, regulate the body’s ability to respond to the outside world, eliminate the internal causes of insomnia and depression, and quickly solve the depression caused by insomnia. So as to promote the human body to sleep safely.

  1. Relaxed body and mind, good for sleep

Before going to bed, go out for a walk, relax, take a bath or soak your feet with hot water before going to bed, and then go to bed. It’s good for sleeping. There are many specific ways to induce the human body to sleep, such as relaxation, which has been spread among the people. It is suggested that you can use it. In addition, two simple and easy methods are introduced

A. Singing the sky drum. After going to bed, lie on your back, close your eyes, cover your left ear with your left palm, cover your right ear with your right palm, and hit the back of your head with your fingers, so that you can hear the sound of calling. The number of times to consciously slightly tired. After stopping the bounce, head slowly close to the pillow, hands naturally placed on both sides of the body, will soon fall asleep.

B. The method of closing eyes and entering tranquility. After going to bed, close your eyes first, and then open your eyes slightly to keep some contact with the outside world. Although the mental activity is still in operation, the tension of sympathetic nerve activity has been greatly reduced, inducing the human body to gradually enter a sleepy state.

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